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Mushrooms for Wellness India

In 2012, Sandra and Doug were searching for mushroom farmers in India. Vikas Benal was searching for someone to teach him shiitake production. They met in Solon District, Himachal Pradesh, India. Sandra wrote, “I thought we were led here by serendipity, but we were guided, directed, and protected – one door closing, another opening, until we met Vikas Benal of Vikas Mushrooms.”

Vikas was successfully growing oyster mushrooms and button mushrooms. Over 160 farmers were growing under the auspices of Vikas Mushrooms and they also prospered. His goals for the business and for training and farmer support were similar to Bemcom’s efforts in Ghana.

Mushrooms for Wellness India

Vikas is now growing shiitakes on logs and on composted sawdust. He has proven that black willow is an excellent medium for both methods. Through media publications, YouTube videos and Vikas’ training programs, this information is benefitting shiitake farmers from India to Africa, the US and beyond. In 2012, India honored him with the highly respected Indira Gandhi Sabdhavana Award for Excellence.

Please search “Vikas Mushrooms” and read about his experiences here.

Vikas Mushroom Farm

Village Shamlaich,

P.O.Barog Railway Station

Solan -173211, HP, India

Phones:91-1792-227651, Mobile:94180-27651, 9805827651

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