Mushrooms are constantly impacting humans, animals, plants and minerals. We are all part of the Interconnected Web of All Being, woven throughout with fungi. Our Earth cannot sustain life without mushrooms and fungi. Mushrooms can nourish us. They can heal us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Mushrooms for Well Being Foundation was created to raise worldwide public awareness and to support mushroom farming.

Mushrooms for Well Being Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations are tax deductible.

Mushrooms for Well Being Foundation

Promotes education about the nature of mushrooms: (1) Their roles in the natural world (2) Their nutritional and medicinal benefits (3) Their effectiveness in mental and spiritual well being (4) Their applications in environmental well being such as detoxifying water and soil, recycling, pest and disease controls (5) Their applications in manufacturing environmentally friendly products such as fabrics, packaging, and construction materials. These innovations cast the fungal family as a new frontier in natural, sustainable, profitable, and earth-friendly enterprises.
Promotes mushroom consumption for good eating and good health, including physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. For example, specific mushrooms can benefit children on the autism spectrum and their families with physical, mental, and emotional support.
Promotes small-scale mushroom production worldwide for economic development and sustainability and food security.


Teaching farmers to improve production and profits and building a laboratory to make spawn (the mushroom seed material) so more farmers can grow more mushrooms throughout West Africa.
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