Mushrooms for Well Being Foundation

Educating People about the Spiritual Gifts of Mushrooms

Ancient peoples did not discover the medicinal gifts of mushrooms by accidently curing illness or dying from mushroom poisoning. Our ancestors had the ability to communicate with mushrooms, plants, animals and minerals. Humans asked for help and guidance and received information on how to use and benefit from the natural world. Famous plant communicators include scientist and inventor George Washington Carver (peanut products), the philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Japanese haiku poet Bashu, Japanese agricultural researcher Fukuoka (The One Straw Revolution), educator and philosopher Rudolph Steiner, and The Wizard of the Upper Amazon Manual Córdova. As a brief search on the internet shows, people in our time can communicate with our partners in the Natural Realm. It’s a skill that can be learned.

Mushrooms for Well Being founder Shiitake Mama communicates with mushrooms and plants.

“The mushrooms gave me the mandate to tell people: (1) Mushrooms ‘are people too.’ They have conscious relationships with plants, animals, minerals, insects, earth, air, and water. They communication and relate within their own realm and among species; with the human race and with individual humans. They experience physical and energetic events and they have feelings and behaviors in response to those events. (2) They gladly fulfill their roles of interconnection and service to the Earth and all beings on the Earth. (3) Mushrooms have wisdom they wish to share. (4) They are here to help us with our spiritual growth as well as our physical well being. The mushrooms are particularly interested in ameliorating current diseases and conditions that are plaguing our environment and the plants, animals, and the human race: pollution, nutritional deficiencies, cancer, heart disease, stress, and diabetes.

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