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Mushrooms Teach about the Interconnectedness of All Beings

The mushrooms repeatedly stress that all beings and objects are part of the Interconnected Web of All Being. Doug discovered an alignment between the ancient African Bantu Philosophy and the messages Shiitake Mama receives from the mushrooms. Each being, including inanimate objects, has Vital Life Force (VLF). In today’s language we may call it frequency, vibration, or energy. The increase or diminishment of VLF in any person, being, or thing affects the vital force of the Web of All Life, which receives from and gives back to the Divine Life Force. The Bantu believed that our purpose is to increase the VLF for ourselves, all other beings, the web itself, and the Divine Life Force. According to the Bantu and to the mushrooms, there is individuality, but there are no individuals. We are all One Being (just as all the cells in our bodies make up one body) and we are always aware of that Oneness connection at some level.

According to the Bantu and to the mushrooms we increase our/all Vital Life Force first, by revering all of life; and second by being happy. To be happy we must be grateful for and love All That Is.


Two mushrooms with their tails touching and pointing at opposite directions.

Proverb: “When one uproots a mushroom, it is shown to the anthill.”

Termitomyces is a large mushroom that grows on termite mounds and is known in Africa as “anthill mushroom.” It has a long tail and is delicious and beneficial to health and well being.

The people believe that mushrooms picked on a mound belong to the mound. Therefore, when the gatherers take the mushrooms they say to the mound, “Thank you. Let me have some more another time.”

MORAL: Express gratitude towards one’s benefactors for the services and gifts that are given. No gift or service is too little to deserve gratitude.
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